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Ode to French Toast

Oh, french toast.  How I love thee.  You alone make brunch….brunch worthy….(?)
Anyway, here are some selections from my recent french toast adventures.

Sabrina’s Cafe, located in Philadelphia’s Fairmount/Art Museum area, is a brunch institution.  It’s always busy, at least on the weekends, and the wait times can range from 15-30mins.  If you’re early enough.  Once you’re seated, it’s clear why this place is popular.  The menu has standard breakfast/brunch fair, but also has specials that change fairly frequently.  Since I can’t get my eyes to stray from anything that says french toast, their most recent special was filled with orange, Fig Newton and roasted walnut cream cheese topped with a peach-vanilla syrup.  Not a very big fig fan myself (do you know what happens inside of figs? it’s just…wrong…), I went with the caramelized challah french toast stuffed with cream cheese and topped with vanilla bean maple syrup.  I got so excited about eating that I almost forgot to take a picture, but here it is in all it’s yummy glory. sabrina's french toast

Oh, and that’s a half order.  Unless you can eat a kitchen sink by yourself, I would recommend going halfsies or ordering a full to split with a significant someone. You can also get berries added on (also recommended.)  It could be too much dry/starchy on it’s own.

sweet potato friesPlus a side of sweet potato fries which are my favorite.  These were delish. ~Yum yum yum

If you’re looking for something with a little more flavor (read = “exotic”), try Mixto.  Located on the corner of 12th and Pine, this Cuban-fusion restaurant is everything you could hope for on a Saturday morning.  The entire atmosphere is has an airy, easy feel that I imagine even Hemmingway would appreciate.  But this could be because I have a very romanticized version of Cuba in my head…
mixto french toast Stuffed french toast comes topped with berries/mandarin oranges, powdered sugar,  and your choice of peach or mango.  I chose mango, and like the above incident, was too eager to feast that I almost forgot to take a picture.

The best part though?  Do you see what’s to the left of the french toast, dear reader?  MADUROS! (“PLANTAINS!” she squealed.)  Nothing makes me happier than having french toast..but it’s a whole new level when it has plantains on the side.

Clearly I’m a fan…this place was absolutely divine and one of my favorite brunch spots so far.

I have more, but I’ll post another time…I’m hungry =)

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